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about us.

Pama Studios was founded in 1988 by Magnus "Maxe" Axelsson. From being a vision back then, it has grown into a successful record & production company in the Swedish music industry.

We have produced music for bands, artists, labels etc for over 25 years. Today we are a one stop for music production, film mixing, dubbing, sound editing and video editing. We have a long experience of working with projects worldwide and our producers have a good habit of taking a holistic approach to the productions. Pama Studios together with Stage4you Academy is the only program in Sweden that can provide the highest level of certification courses for Avid, Pro tools 300 level.


Office, Studio 1 & 2,
Video department.
Lunnagatan 8
Torsas, Sweden

Studio 3
Storgatan 19
Kristianopel, Sweden


Music & Post:

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welcome to your studio.

We've got no less than three high-end music studios at Pama - with different equipment and facilities to suit all tastes and needs. Whether you're looking for a smaller pre-production studio, songwriter studio or a fully equipped professional music studio we've got the right solution. We provide all formats of digital masters and DDP-masters for CD, streaming and download, iTunes, Spotify etc, as well as stereo & surround mastering.

studio 1 - music.

All new studio facility with equipment to satisfy the true connoisseur. From the 72-channel fully automated 7.1 Neve-console to the fantastic main recording room with 20-feet ceiling, here you can find everything to make your dream recording come true. Pama Studio 1 promotes a creative atmosphere inside as well as outside, with the fantastic Swedish scenery waiting just outside the door. Pama Studio 1 truly brings the best of two worlds together - the technical and the creative - resulting in a dream environment for any and all recording artists out there.

studio 2 - music & post.

The "Pop-Studio". Somewhat smaller in size, in comparison to Studio 1, but still a very competent studio fitted with a Pro Tools HDX2 system and D-command control that ensures a fast workflow. From the big screen monitors, that facilitate a super friendly user environment, to the powerful dual Genelec monitor systems, this is the real McCoy. Pama Studio 2 is also equipped with tons of plugs to make it the ultimate Pop-studio set in a control room that breathes creativity. This studio is also used as a breeding ground for the up and coming producers of tomorrow since Pama Studios hosts a studio education program for young musicians and producers called Stage4you Academy.

studio 3 - music & post.

Pama Studio 3 is under construction but will re-open on the 16th of August. The idea is to build one of the world's most modern music and post studios. The studio will be built around a Vintage Neve together with the latest technology from Avid - Avid S6. The studio is built in a way that enables you to quickly access all the different sounds from different manufacturers such as Neve, SSL, API and more.

You can follow the process on our Facebook page:


broadcast, film & post.

Our studios are built for optimal workflow in both music and post production. Our platforms are built on Avid gear, Pro tools & Media Composer. We are one of few studios in Sweden that also offer analog film mixing up to 7.1 surround, by means of our Neve VXS console.

dubbing & post.

Our studios have rooms of different character depending on what you want. We have rooms for voiceovers, we have recording rooms with more ambience, for different sound design and foley projects. We work with dubbing and translation, in all sorts of movies and TV-programs. Last but not least, we do film mixing projects in stereo up to 7.1 surround.


Our broadcast division work out of our in-house broadcast room, or with our OB facilities (outdoor broadcasting). So wherever your want to broadcast from; our facility or another location, just let us know and we will assist you in customizing a transmission to fit your event/webcast.


CDs, posters, business cards...

You name it. We offer complete layout and prepress packages and collaborate with professional printing houses. We've designed CDs, posters etc for alot of artists and companies, often connected to the entertainment industry.


look good online.

If you're not on the web you don't exist. Fair enough, but your site should also look nice and represent you and your business. Let us design and build your website and get a solution that suits your needs. We can also provide Facebook headers, banners, blogs etc.

web solutions.

We design and build the website you need. You decide if we should start from scratch and build the entire site, or pick a template as starting-point. We use Wordpress, HTML5, CSS and PHP and help you during the whole process with domain registration, web hosting and e-mail management.

Of course you can include interaction between your site and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.


Need a web banner, a Facebook header, or some other digital graphics? We've got the tools and the knowledge, and promise to help you through that jungle of pixels and points, resolutions and formats.